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Sunday June 24, 2018

                                                    Subject: "Reaping God's Justice"

                                                    Lesson Scripture:    Luke 16:19-31


This parable centers around a rich man and a beggar man named Lazarus. One lived good on the earth with all kinds of wealth. The other begged for a living and desiring to eat the crumbs from the rich man’s table. At the gate he sat as the dogs licked his sores (16:19-21).

At the time of death the beggar is carried to Abraham’s bosom by the angels; the rich man is just buried. The rich man’s eyes are open in hell to see Lazarus in the bosom of Abraham (16:22-23).

The rich man cried for Father Abraham to have mercy on him, begging for Lazarus to come touch his tongue with water with the tip of his finger just to cool the tormenting flames that he’s in. But Abraham brings up his past—remember your former life? He received everything good while Lazarus received evil, but now the tables have turned and Lazarus is comforted and the rich man is tormented. And another thing there is a gulf that separates the two of them; neither can get to the other; neither can cross over. The rich man is fixed in hell; Lazarus is fixed in Paradise. The rich man wants Lazarus to go to his family’s house for he has five brothers that need to be warned about the place of torment he is in (16:24-28).

Well, if that didn’t work, send someone from the dead to them. Abraham tells him that they have Moses and the prophets to tell them. He’s still pleading that by sending someone from the dead to them, they would repent. The point is that we should be hearing the living, because if they didn’t received the message from Moses and the prophets (the living), they will neither hear the dead speak to them (16:29-31).