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The Log Providence Baptist Church, located in Boone County, near Columbia, was organized in the year of 1866. It was the outgrowth from the New Salem Baptist Church white, which had previously accepted them into its membership, the Negro people living in the neighborhood, which was privileged, to share in the rights and responsibilities of the church.

The Civil War came and the Emancipation Proclamation set the Negroes free and the church thought it best to separate them from the whites. In February, 1866, Brother George Hubbard offered the following resolution, quote “Whereas we believe it to be the religious interest of the church, for the colored members to be organized as a separate body; therefore, resolved that we hereby detach them from us and enroll them on a separate church book, thus organizing them into an African church of New Salem”.

The resolution was unanimously adopted and the colored brothers and sisters were thus organized into a church of their own. Having no church building, the members constructed a brush harbor and worshipped under it, until they purchased a piece of ground from Mr. Eli Bass in 1866.

This first building was built of logs (1,500 logs), cut and shaped by men of the church who donated their services, money, and time for its construction. It bore the name of the Log Providence from that time to the present date (second church).

Thirty-eight (38) members comprised the first membership. The membership increased in number, prosperity, finance, and church pride. The log church was then torn down and a new frame church was constructed (1900’s, 3rd Church).

After a few years, this second church was torn down and another was erected in its stead.

A few years later this church was destroyed by fire and another frame church was built under the pastorate of Rev. Grant Hayes in 1925. During this groundbreaking ceremony, Mrs. Julia Harris and Mrs. Willa Douglass turned the first shovels of dirt (this is the 4th church, built by William Pitts who had his own carpentry business). At the completion of the Church, a bell was donated by the Ashland Negro Church of Ashland, Missouri.

Under the pastorate of Rev. William Coleman Sunday school was held twice a month, church basement and kitchen were built; sidewalk was built, road improvement made, and the church

bus was purchased. Homecomings started in the 1920’s and basket dinners in the 1930’s and Pastor’s Appreciation day was first held in 1938.

God was involved in the foundation of Log Providence Missionary Baptist Church and continues to be the cornerstone. As long as there are two or more gathered together in prayer, He is faithful and just to answer our prayers. The Church, under the leadership of the Rev. David P. Ballenger, continues to move forward. We thank God that Log Providence Missionary Baptist Church is in this place. We, the Pastor and members, know that in the good times and the bad times, this church stands as a beacon for the lost to see and we have not been content to stay within the walls, but to go out into the highways and byways proclaiming that Jesus Christ is Lord.

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